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Ukulele Classes

Youth Ukulele Program (8 to 13):

Introductory Ukulele Classes 

Beyond Beginner Ukulele Classes

Youth Ukulele Band

Adults & Teens Ukulele Program (14+)

Introductory Ukulele Classes

Beyond Beginner Ukulele Classes

Uke Meet-Ups (10+ to adults)

The ukulele makes BIG waves for such a tiny instrument!  It is small and portable, easy to get started on, brings people together and is such a joy to play!  Group ukulele classes are a a fun and supportive way to get started on the uke.

Student "ukers" will start playing music of many genres together from the moment they pick it up and will learn about the history and folklore around the instrument along the way.  Singing, body percussion and movement are always a part of Chelsie's music workshops!  A limited number of ukuleles can be provided.  

Tune in to receive details on upcoming classes and workshops!  


Ukulele Classes: Features
Ukulele Classes: Gallery
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