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Drum in Joy is a West African drumming-inspired course to build confidence + community, and encourage positive body and mind health + overall happiness!

A new session of Drum in Joy begins in June 2024!

  • Do you yearn to learn how to drum?   

  • Do you love to move and groove to music and want to do so without self-consciousness stifling your steps?  

  • Do you wish to sing with an open heart and share that compassion with others?  

  • Do you wish to experience the magic of creating music with a group and sending that music out into the world?


  • Feeling relaxed and at ease with a drum.

  • Moving your body with freedom.

  • Singing with a group, without hesitation.

  • Experiencing unfettered exuberance!

​Introducing: Drum In Joy!

If ever there was a time that we needed to gather love, kindness and creativity around ourselves and one another, it is NOW.


In this series, EarthBeat Music founder Chelsie Henderson will guide you through 9 weeks of group drumming - with movement and singing sprinkled in! - rooted in music from West Africa.  

You will begin with the basics and by the end will be playing as part of an ensemble (musical group), and will be invited to play for community events.  Special guest instructors - local and far-flung - will join along the way.

This is for you if you desire to...

  • Dig into the roots of music and honor traditional West African music with its rich history, culture and meaning.  

  • Learn a new skill that you will have for life and can share with others.  

  • Stretch your physical and mental wellbeing.

  • Move beyond a rhythmic or playing  “plateau”.

  • Be a part of a close knit and caring community.

  • Share your skills with friends and family (perhaps even teach them yourself!)

  • Meet other fun, unique and compassionate people.

  • Let go of blocks in your life and get out of your comfort zone.

  • Learn from master dancers and drummers from the traditions that we study.


Drums are among the world's oldest musical instruments.  Drumming today has been scientifically proven to benefit the body and mind by reducing tension, anxiety, depression, and stress; boosting the immune system and increasing energy; helping to control chronic pain; releasing negative feelings and emotional trauma; improving joint mobility and motor skills; and building social interactions and community!

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9 weeks of invigorating group classes on Tuesdays from 10:30-11:45 am OR 6:00-7:15 pm at EarthBeat Music in Schuylerville NY plus a final gathering to share the rhythms we have been learning. The classes will run from June 11 through August 6 with a Final Celebration on Thursday, August 8.

GIVE BACK TO THE COMMUNITY. You will have the opportunity to play as a group at our final celebration, drum circles, parades, festivals and even open mics.  This is totally optional but so fun and often people’s favorite part of being in the group!

The final celebration will be held on Thursday, August 8 at 6:00 pm at Hudson Crossing Park, Schuylerville NY.

ONE-ON-ONE TIME. You will be invited to schedule a complimentary 30-minute private lesson!  This is your time to shine: improve your technique and work toward your goals. Even though this is overall a group experience you will get valuable individual insights and guidance to play with more confidence and ease over time. 


  • A short reference video of technique exercises and rhythms learned after each class that you have access to for the entirety of the session.

  • A final recap video of everything we covered that you will have access to... FOREVER!

  • Inspirational emails with tips and resources to keep you motivated and to dive more deeply into the traditional music, techniques, and culture we are studying. 

  • VIP access to visiting master musicians!

  • An invitation to the Drum in Joy Facebook page where all members can connect and share.

Investment: $375*
*$25 discount for students, or adults over 60!

Ready to Drum in Joy? Here’s what to do next…

STEP 1: Email Chelsie at to express your interest and check to see if there are openings! 

STEP 2: Make your payment to secure your spot.  Payment options include:

  • CashApp: $earthbeatmusic$earthbeatmusic

  • Venmo: @Chelsie-EarthBeatMusic

  • Check made payable to EARTHBEAT MUSIC, or cash.

STEP 3: After making your payment you will receive a special welcome from Chelsie!

STEP 4: We Drum in Joy in June!

If you have any questions at all, please drop a quick email.


Do I need my own drum?

We do have drums for students to borrow in class.  You can also borrow one from a local library!  In order to really be able to dive into the music and practice at home, we recommend eventually getting your own drum.


What if I can’t commit to every class and/or practice?  

No problem.  We take into account the reality that you are all happenin’ people and do not expect you to attend every single class and practice.  However, YOU will get the most benefit from  participating in most of them, and WE as a TEAM will also get the most benefit the more often you are present.

Can I record the classes?  


Do I need to have experience?  

No experience necessary.  Beginners are very welcomed.  Just think: everyone starts as a beginner at their craft at one point!

Can I still participate if I have mobility challenges?  

YES!  We understand that every body is different and strive for our programs to be truly inclusive and accessible for all.

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