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The Djembe Lab

Repairs and Custom Built West African Djembes by Wayne White

Over 20 years of experience with djembe tuning, head replacement and all other facets of restoration

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While replacing the skin, I apply a coat of Danish oil inside and outside the shell of the drum; I closely inspect the rope and rings to determine if they can be used again; and lightly sand and fill small cracks if needed. New rings and/or rope may be suggested depending on the condition they are in.

Base price for full size djembe - $125

(Price for smaller djembes upon request)


  • Thicker skin - $25 (calf skin upon request)

  • Rope - $25 - $35

  • Rings - $20/each

I roll and weld custom rings right in my shop! Rings consist of .25” cold rolled steel.

The goat skins I use are from Guinea and Senegal.  Each skin is hand-selected and inspected prior to the repair.



Does your drum need to be tuned? Contact me to get your drum sounding its best!



Small to large cracks or chips in the wood can be sanded and filled.  Full or partial sanding of the exterior of the shell may also be in order.

Pricing is determined after inspection.

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Customer Reviews

"Over the past five years, I have received several djembe repair services from Wayne. His warm, friendly personality instantly puts customers at ease, as does his keen interest in analyzing and resolving whatever repair concern is presented to him.  His expertise and knowledge of the djembe is second to none. He is thorough, thoughtful and totally invested in making every customer happy with their instrument.  Wayne is an accomplished djembe player himself, having studied in Africa with master drummers and in the United States, with many players who are considered to be at the top of their field. He is also an excellent teacher, whose love of the djembe and African music are contagious to all who are fortunate enough to attend one of his classes. I strongly recommend to every djembe player who needs a drum repair: take your instrument to Wayne to receive services of the highest quality!"   

Joe Green, Lake George, NY

"Whether your drum needs to be tuned or reskinned, Wayne White is an expert in

Djembe repair.  He can make your drum sing again!"

Kathleen McGowan, Wilton, NY

"Wayne made my djembe several years ago. It's a beautiful drum that is equally matched by the sound. He recently replaced the head. I couldn't be happier. I highly recommend his services."

Hollie Shaw, Greenwich, NY

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