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Drumming Classes

Youth Drumming Program (5 to 13):

Introductory Drumming Classes 

Youth Drumming Ensemble

Adult & Teen Mixed Level Drumming Classes (14+)

Master Classes with Visiting Instructors

Monthly Drumming Meet-Ups

Drumming students of all ages will jump right in to playing the instruments - primarily the djembe (hand drum) and doundouns (bass drums) - and singing the songs from countries and cultures of West Africa. Movement and music go hand-in-hand in these cultures, so students may also be introduced to basic traditional dance steps.  Drumming games and improvising exercises will also be explored!  

At the conclusion of longer sessions, students may be invited to participate in community "gigs" - library workshops, school concerts, parades, etc!

Tune in to receive details on upcoming classes and workshops!  

Drumming Classes: Features
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